Journal Notice: Cyber Security related Issues in recent communication technologies


In recent days, lots of technological advancement have come across the telecommunication field in terms of 5G, edge computing, latest mobile computing technologies, etc. Even through, there exist plenty of countermeasures to overcome the threats to these technologies, some of the security mechanisms such as privacy. Integrity and confldetiality remains unsolved. The Issues related to these parameters should be considered and moderated.

The Lead Guest Editor

Shibin D

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Journal Notice: Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Current Electronics and Telecommunications


Is a peer reviewed, Current Electronics and Telecommunications journal devoted to basic and applied sciences research and engineering with respect to corrections, which publish the most complete and dependable source of information on the predictions and the present developments in the type of research like; original research papers, review papers, short reports or letters, case studies, methodologies or methods and Perspective papers.

Our aim is to encourage scientists to publish their experimental and theoretical research deals with natural sciences, physical and mathematical sciences in as much as detail as possible so as to support scientific forecasts full experimental and systematic details must be provided so that the results can be regenerated.

The Lead Guest Editor

Mohammed Rasheed

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Journal Notice: Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Current Electronics and Telecommunications


Semiconductor nanomaterials have unique properties that these properties can change with their morphology and size, so the nano-sized semiconductors have attracted much attention and the various methods have developed for the synthesis of them. This special issue aims at creating a forum of discussion on recent advances in synthesis of chalcogenide semiconductors. This issue accepts high quality articles containing original research results. Subject matters should be strongly related to synthesis and characterization of chalcogenide nanosemiconductor. The aim of this issue is to report synthesis of new materials with special applications. An article to be published in this issue must contain either some new applications to real world problems or reveal novel aspects of the theory applicable to new situations.

The Lead Guest Editor

Azam Sobhani

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Journal Notice: Current development in 5G Technology


Currently, 5G technology is playing crucial for building modern communication systems. There are many future requirements that cannot be addressed by 5G, such as exceptionally high bit rates, super low latencies, great energy efficiency, and robustness against blocking, e-government services, advanced e-health diagnostics, seamless data flow, wireless charging, provide degrees of freedom to the users, reliable communication service without addition for physical application installation on mobile terminal. It is time to analyse what lies beyond 5G.

The Lead Guest Editor

Tasher Ali Sheikh

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Journal Notice: Call for Papers for the Special Issue: Electronics and Telecommunications


Materials science is currently immovably settled interdisciplinary field to different zones of science and technology including the properties of issue of composites materials and their applications. 

The Lead Guest Editor

Suresh Sagadevan

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Journal Notice: Call for papers for the Special issue:CURRENT ELECTRONICS AND TELECOMMUNICATIONS


The main objective of this journal is to gather research articles, reviews, letters, and notes which include new ideas to the design and configuration, computational analysis, modeling and measurement techniques of antennas for contemporary wireless communication devices. Potential researchers are invited to submit original, high quality research articles, reviews, short communications, letters that cover the challenges and recent developments in the field of wide and multiband printed planar antennas for universal wireless communications.

The Lead Guest Editor

Dragan Randjelovic

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Journal News: Announcement of Transferring Journal

The journal Current Electronics and Telecommunications has been transferred to PiscoMed Publishing Pte Ltd.  
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