Practical Value and Development Prospect of Green Building Design in the New Period

Jijie Hou


Relevant research points out that as one of the lifeblood industries of China’s economic development, the development of construction industry is related to the national economy and people’s livelihood. Therefore, in the new historical period, in order to further realize the rational development of China’s construction industry, a large number of construction industry practitioners have conducted in-depth analysis and exploration on the development direction of China. After analyzing, the researchers said that with the continuous improvement and strengthening of public awareness of environmental protection, in the future, China’s construction industry should focus on energy conservation and environmental protection. Based on this, relevant staff put forward the idea of “green building design”, aiming at effectively guiding China’s construction industry to achieve rational transformation. In this paper, the green building design work is taken as the breakthrough point, and the main problems existing in the green building design work in China in the new period are analyzed reasonably. At the same time, the corresponding optimization strategies are put forward, aiming to guide the construction industry workers to further realize the understanding and understanding of green building design, and then lay the foundation for the development of China’s construction industry.


Construction Work; Green Building Design; Main Points of Work; Main Problems; Development Prospects

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/adr.v2i2.1449


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