On the Development Status and Optimization Suggestions of Architecture and Design Teaching in China

Deyu Ji


Related surveys show that at present, with the continuous improvement and optimization of urban development level, the number and scale of construction projects in China are gradually increasing. Based on this, all sectors of society pay more and more attention to architecture and design, which effectively promotes the development and exploration of architecture and design education in colleges and universities. The researchers pointed out that at present, there are still some deficiencies in the teaching process of architecture and design major in colleges and universities in China. Based on this, educators should actively make changes and adjustments in teaching concepts, and then formulate and improve targeted optimization strategies in combination with teaching practice, so as to lay a solid foundation and guarantee for the cultivation of architecture and design platform in China. This study analyzes the teaching situation of architecture and design specialty in China at present, and puts forward corresponding optimization suggestions, aiming at further realizing the reasonable training of architectural design talents in China.


Architecture and Design; Teaching Work; Main Problems; Response Measures; Practical Significance

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/adr.v2i2.1448


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