Korea lifelong educator System Review

Ronghua Liang


Summary: century , lifelong educator as a professional lifelong educator , provides a for the rapid development of lifelong education in Korea Strong guarantee . article concept and legal status of lifelong educator in Korea , responsibilities and role positioning , culture process and qualification, etc. Systematic review and analysis of Korea's lifelong educator system . Given the successful experience of the Korean lifelong educator system , combine lifetime education The complexity and uncertainty of parenting work , At present our country should adopt the form of legislation to express the law of Professional staff in lifelong education bit , Establish a perfect training system for lifelong education Professional staff and establish a comprehensive qualification certificate for lifelong education Professional staff Degrees and other measures , Addressing the professionalization of lifelong educators , to meet the cultivation of a large number of professional quality , Specialized knowledge and expertise.


Specialized; lifelong; government; universities

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/le.v5i1.422


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