Analysis and Application of Frame Relay

Dongyue Cheng, Guoyou Han, Yuanguo Pan


Frame relay is developed from integrated services digital network, in 1984, recommended as the International Telegraph and telephone Consultative Committee (CCITT) standard, in addition, TIS the United States authorized by the American National Standards Institute Standards Committee also made some preliminary work on frame relay. Due to the optical fiber network of the bit error rate (less than 10^-9) than early telephone network error rate (10^-4~10^-5) is much lower, therefore can reduce some X.25 procedures, which can reduce processing time and improve network throughput. Frame relay is produced in this environment. Is provided by the frame relay data link layer and physical layer specification, any higher-layer protocols are independent of the frame relay Protocol, therefore, greatly simplifies the implementation of frame relay. Frame Relay LAN interconnection is one of the main application, especially when the LAN interconnection over a wide area network, using frame relay can reflect the low network delay, the advantages of low cost, high bandwidth utilization. Frame relay is an advanced WAN technologies is a form of group communication, except that it will be between X.25 packet switches in the network, error recovery, to prevent the obstruction of the process was simplified.

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