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Submission deadline: 2024-06-30
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Dear Colleagues,


The digitization of HRM services has not only improved processes but has also revolutionized the employee experience, encouraged an agile, connected, and data-driven approach to human resource management in businesses. In contemporary HR management techniques,efficiency, engagement, and strategic decision-making are all greatly aided by integration of digital advancements. Human resource management (HRM) services have been profoundly influenced by digital transformation, which has transformed HR processes and changed the HR landscape. The HR department has undergone a paradigm shift with the introduction of digital technology, providing enhanced employee experiences, efficiency, and agility. We invite authors to submit case studies, theoretical frameworks, empirical research, and creative approaches that explore the relationship between HRM services and digital business, demonstrate how digital tools, artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, virtual collaboration platforms, and analytics-driven insights are integrating to transform HRM practices.


So, research articles and reviews in this area of study are welcome. We look forward to receiving your contributions.


Dr. S. Vasantha

Section editor


AI in HR; Digital Transformation; Digital Innovations; Employee Engagement; HR Analytics; HRM services; Learning and Development; Performance Analytics; Remote Work

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