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What makes an organization strong? Without a doubt, the dedication, hard work, and commitment of employees. In each corporate sector, there are distinct management structures that carry out their responsibilities effectively. Among them, the most primary managerial function is Human Resources (HR), without which an organization cannot function smoothly. HR or HR management exist in companies to improve their workforce and workplace. To be more precise, the department is primarily responsible for hiring and recruiting new employees, payroll, benefits, maintaining official connections, and explaining laws related to the business.


In today's competitive world, companies need to take the lead in the market. To do so, assigning potential employees who drive the organization's performance is quite mandatory. To ease this burden, the HR department should work rigorously and make sure to recruit and hire the candidates who are a good fit for the desired position. Sometimes, the vacant position is so restricted and urgent that teams are under pressure. To deal with this, the team of HR professionals go through a hiring and recruiting process that is of paramount importance. Besides HR professional should also be skilled in daily routins of operations to assess or evaluate employees performance, or assess them efficiently. HR professionals should also be skilled in leadership and management processes to select right person for right position.


Currently, companies are recruiting and selecting professionals who come to add value and increase their position in the economic environment to a level of internal and external excellence. But to achieve the sustainable pillars (People, Profit and Planet) organization will only reach it by establishing its profile through organizational changes in its staff. Each person's creativity, potential, learning, and will to succeed are irreplaceable human values, no matter how much technology advances in the globalized era, machines will never replace human diversity and ability to adapt within an organization.


Recruitment of employees is a key process in human resources management, which aims to attract, select and hire the right candidates. This is an extremely important element for any organization, because it is the employees who form the foundation of the company's success and development. In this article, we will discuss three key aspects related to the recruitment of employees: key aspects, recruitment strategies and the importance of this process in human resource management.


Recruitment of employees is of great importance in the process of human resource management. Here are some key aspects related to its meaning:


a) Alignment with the organizational culture and values: Through the appropriate recruitment process, the organization has the opportunity to acquire employees who match its culture and values. A good match increases the chances of success and effective cooperation within the team.


b) Growth of potential and innovation: Recruitment of employees with diverse experience, skills and perspectives contributes to the growth of the organization's potential. New employees bring with them fresh ideas, skills and knowledge, which can lead to innovation and development.

Nowadays, an impeccable and highly qualified résumé is not a business card for a person to apply for the position required by companies. Technical ability must be accompanied by a set of competencies, because companies value the intellectual and emotional potential of the candidate. These are assessed values that will their capacity for leadership, team and group work, decision making, different day-to-day situations, and thus consolidate the company's image.


For this, it is important to collect studies and the experiences of different organizations in recruiting, that have been implemented and consider their impacts.

Research articles and reviews in this area of study are welcome.


We look forward to receiving your contributions.


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Recruitment; Human Resources Strategies; Recruitment Process; Recruitment Methodology; Types and Forms of Recruitment; analysis of the organization's personal needs; Recruitment Strategies and the Social Capital of the Organization; Organizational Culture and Recruitment; Recruitment in Cultural and Civilization Conditions; Recruitment of the Future

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