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Human Resource Reward Systems introduces the topic of human resource reward systems and provides general information on why such systems are necessary in the workplace. Mention the main ideas that will be further developed throughout the section. A discussion of the theoretical underpinnings of reward systems, including the various motivational theories that inform the design of these systems, is in order. This section will provide a comprehensive understanding of the concepts that guide the development and implementation of effective incentive systems to achieve stated goals. Explain the difference between monetary rewards (such as raises and bonuses), non-monetary rewards (such as recognition and flexible working hours), and intrinsic rewards (such as job satisfaction and autonomy) that employers can offer employees. Outline the positives and negatives of each type of reward, as well as how they can be altered to better meet the requirements of a variety of employees. Discuss the most important factors to consider when developing an effective reward system, such as how to choose the most relevant performance metrics, determine the ideal reward level, and ensure that rewards are distributed both fairly and transparently. Describe the process of applying incentive systems in the workplace, including how to communicate the system to employees, how to handle employee problems or complaints, and how to evaluate the system's performance over time. Focus on how to effectively analyze the system over time. Provides the most important topics and emphasizes the importance of designing and implementing effective reward systems in the workplace. Make recommendations to organizations looking to improve their reward systems and make recommendations on areas for further research. 


As a result, we are interested in the human resource department's reward systems, development procedures, articulation methods, narratives about employee performance, and choices made in terms of protest and action.


For this, it is crucial to compile the results of various incentive system policies that have been put in place and consider how they have affected the human resources of the company. In this field of study, research papers and reviews are requested.


We expect to receive contributions from you.


Dr. A. S. A. Ferdous Alam

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Employee Rewards; Incentives; Motivation; Performance Management; Compensation; Recognition Pay for Performance; Bonus Systems; Variable Pay; Benefits; Total Rewards; Employee Retention; Employee Satisfaction; Employee Engagement; Organizational Behavior

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