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Work environment has been considered as one of the significant factors that affect the overall performance of the employees. One of the determinants of work environment is employee relation whether individual or collective.


Relations at work can be a key for a better performance and for achieving desired results efficiently; and can lead to higher satisfaction. On the other hand, negative relations at work can delay delivering the outcomes and affect the quality of results/ outcomes, due to the dissatisfaction, and unfriendly climate at work.


Moreover, some argue that relations at work can lead to bias in promoting and motivating few employees and neglecting others' efforts. Relations at work must be managed well through a transparent process and clear instructions and laws. Positive relations with high commitment, engagement and empowerment, consulting and learning from others can lead the best outcomes and high performance at work.


Employee relations have many dimensions, such as the employee rights (Employee voice, Mental support, Financial health...etc), Employee communications, Employee development which is affected by the extent of consultation that employee get from other managerial levels, training, and having sense of purpose, and many other dimensions at work environment can be vital to achieve the best results. 


Thus, we are interested in the collective subjects in the field of employee relations: how positive relations framework can be constructed at work environment, what the determinants of healthy and positive relations are, how soft skills such as Emotional Intelligence of a person can lead to success, what main characteristics the employee must have to build good rapport among his colleagues and team at work are.


So, Research articles, reviews, and studies in this area of research are welcome. We look forward to receiving your contributions.

Dr. Afnan R. Alawneh

Dr. Peter Yao Lartey 

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Work Relations; Employee Voice; Performance; Work Connections; Work Communications; Emotional Intelligence; Conflict Management; Employee Support; Employee Rights; Employee Development

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