New Technology and Application of Photoelectric Detection and Imaging
Submission deadline: 2023-12-31
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Photoelectric detection and imaging technology is one of the main approaches to acquiring target information. Thanks to the rapid development of the laser, optical fiber, optoelectronics, computer science, and other related technologies, some new photoelectric detection and imaging technologies have attracted more attention in recent years and their development covers various fields, ranging from weak signal detection, optical computational imaging, lidar detection, object recognition and so on. Taking optical computational imaging as an example, optical computational imaging is capable of gathering more information as prior knowledge (in different cases this could be, for instance, polarization, phase, sparsity, positivity, etc.), and retrieves seemingly unreachable information by using mathematical analysis and specific signal processing algorithms. Thus, optical computational imaging shows great strength in obtaining more information by using simpler optical systems. On the basis of the above advantages, optical computational imaging is also subdivided into many types, such as single-pixel imaging, scatter media imaging, polarization imaging, and so on.


Therefore, to present the latest advances in photoelectric detection and imaging technology and discuss the future development trend and application direction, this special section aims to collect relevant research works, including novel concepts and interesting practical applications. Research articles and reviews in this area of study are welcome.


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Imaging reconstruction and processing; Single-pixel imaging; Target recognition and tracking; Lidar detection; Laser beam control; Atmospheric detection lidar

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