Vol. 2 No. 1 (2013)

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    Article ID: 318

    Heterogeneity Measure Based Segmentation performance Evaluation for Remote Sensing Image

    by jianting Zhang jianting Zhang

    Remote Sensing, Vol.2, No.1, pp. 2(1); , 2024; 196 Views, 6 PDF Downloads

    In order to evaluate segmentation quality of high resolution remote sensing image, an un-supervised segmentatio N Evaluation method based on heterogeneity measure was proposed. Firstly, global variance and Weighted Moran index were introduced to express the Intro-object and Inter-object Heterogenei Ty. Then The two heterogeneity measure were normalized and summed to evaluate the whole of performance. Secondly, to evaluate the local quality of image objects, a heterogeneity measure based on object variance and local Gear Y index was presented. Finally, an experiment is carried out on a remote sensing which was segmented by Multi-esolution segmentation method. and heterogeneity measure proposed in this paper is used to evaluate the segmentation result. It shows that the heterogeneity measure can effectively evaluate the different scale segmentation results and meanwhile C An identify regions which are over-segmented or under-segmented.

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    Article ID: 245

    Analysis of the remote sensing prospecting technology for geological and mineral exploration

    by lin Yan lin Yan

    Remote Sensing, Vol.2, No.1, pp. 2(1); , 2024; 174 Views, 5 PDF Downloads

    with the continuous development of science and technology in, the current exploration techniques used in t He traditional society has been optimized based on artificial prospecting technology based on the application of advanced Scientific technology T, support the geological exploration work carried out effectively and to provide abundant L Mineral. Based on the analysis of remote sensing technology in geological and mineral exploration, this paper would provide effectiv e Theoretical reference for improving the comprehensive strength of geological and mineral in.

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    Article ID: 335

    Principle and application of Laser Radar

    by yongian Zhuang yongian Zhuang

    Remote Sensing, Vol.2, No.1, pp. 2(1); , 2024; 102 Views, 7 PDF Downloads

    High density LiDAR is a Advanced active remote Sensing Technology so can obtain high density 3 D point cloud information a Object efficient ly and quicklywith Fast , Accurate then non-contact advantages . This paper describes , measuring principle a High density LiDAR and The characteristics of 3 kinds The scanningmethods. Analysis Was conducted on the accuracy Difference between Artificial Precision Measurement and 3D Laser scanning Measurement To tree DBH andvolume by experiment. Finally , This paper discusses the future Development trend of This Technology .