o accurately extract buildings from remote sensing operations

  • zhongke Zhuang zhongke Zhuang
Keywords: Technical Route, Experimental results and analysis, Epilogue


In recent years , Domestic and foreign scholars have proposed a variety of shadow based building
extraction side Law . H . Liu , and so on 3 uses the shaded area in the His in the model I value
Changes small , Value large attribute , the creates an exponent for detecting shadows , and successfully detect
shaded areas with histogram thresholds ; D . Mehmet , and so on [4 on image segmentation based on shaded
area Tint / Brightness ( h/i ) high value and detect shaded area ;C . Jaynes , and so on 5 and G . D . Finlayson , and
so on 0 the observes shaded areas like The element has a low brightness feature , present the corresponding
shadow detection party law . Most of the above methods pass the threshold after extracting the corresponding
spectral features Values the precision of the extracted Shadow area is mainly the result of, depend on thresholds
and extract building directly from Shadow area , instead of to consider the height of the building . when
encountering more tidy tree shadows can be to create shape features similar to building shadows , some special
material When the roof can be mistakenly divided into shadows , will result in a building target. False check for
information . In view of this , This article combines DSMData , The presents the A Color Remote sensing
image based on DSM and Shadow law , In order to reduce the false inspection of the building area brought by the
non shaded area , Extract the outline of the Building more accurately .


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