The application of of photogrammetry and remote Sensing in Engineering surveying

Xue-mei Bai


: The with the development of the the global economy faster and faster, also affects the industrial science and
technology To reform the innovation, and by speeding up its development speed, now modern engineering
measurement Stics of wide application and fast development, the engineering measurement a more and more occupies
important in The construction, strict standards for the construction of Engineering survey, can improve the quality of
engineering. has made innovations in engineering measurement, added photogrammetry and remote sensing technology
to improve the A Ccuracy of measurement and has been widely used. This paper firstly describes the content of
photogrammetry and remote sensing, and analyzes its application in engineering Survey.


: photogrammetry; Remote sensing measurement; Engineering survey; Apply

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/rs.v7i1.357


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