GF-1 Image Quality Evaluation and applications potential for

Ming Chen, Wei Zhou, Yuan Tao


To objectively evaluate the image quality of GF-1 and its potential for application of the mining Classification, the Pingshuo mining area in Loess Plateau is selected as the study area. Compared with the same temporal images of
SPOT 6, the images of GF-1 were. The evaluation index from two aspects such as gray level feature and texture feature
are to conduct the project Quality. Statistical results show that GF-4 images contain amount of gray information and
rich feature types; which can describe the details of the surface information. To analysis the application potential of
GF-4 image, the process of land cover classification is worked out by means of M Aximum Likelihood method
Classification pixels-dased and nearest neighbor method classification object-oriented Vely. The comparing the
classification results testified that GF-1 image ' s overall classification-effect was inferior to SPOT 6 Image, but the
GF-1 image is still able to quickly and efficiently obtain the information depleted land and mined Surrounding, and
could provided the base data for mine ecological restoration and vegetation.


GF-4 Remote sensing image; Quality evaluation; land use; mining area; object-oriented classification</B1 1 >

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/rs.v6i1.312


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