Block-adjustment algorithm and Test for Three-line-array Image of high-resolution Remote sensing satellite

  • Chubin Liu Liu
  • Yongsheng Zhang
  • Dazhao Fan
  • Rong Lei
Keywords: High resolution, remote sensing, line array, block adjustment, Satellite


The geometric positioning process of high-resolution remote sensing satellite images was outlined. The
necessity of block adjustment was analyzed. Combined with the imaging characteristics of line sensors, rigorous
geometric model, satellite orbit model and interior O Rientation error model were researched on. Then The block
math model of high-esolution remote Sensing satellite image was constructed. The elements of exterior
orientation and interior orientation were using block solved method. ZY03 satellite images and ALOS PRISM
images were tested in this way. The experiment demonstrated that the block adjustment method could improve the
geometric accuracy of high-esolution E sensing satellite images


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