Analysis of the application a Remote sensing Technology in the monitoring of Water

weihua Zhang weihua Zhang


For the Water environment and atmospheric environment monitoring, the remote sensing technology is
one of the Important technical means, it not only can carry on the real-time monitoring of the water pollution and
air pollution, but Also can provide technical support for the scientific, accurate, reasonable and rapid
emergency Ion. In recent years, water pollution and air pollution have become worse and worse, which has
seriously affected the people ' s Life and industrial production. Therefore, water environment and atmospheric
environment, monitoring work becomes particularly. The remote sensing technology, with the continuous
development of spaces and time, has a higher spectral, resolution has provided a powerful guarantee for the water
and atmosphere environment. This paper mainly describes the basic knowledge to the remote sensing technology, on which basis, it has expounded the FEA Sibility of remote sensing technology in environmental
monitoring, besides, through the analysis of the application of REM OTE Sensing technology in water
environment and atmosphere environment, it monitoring has further Ion work of water environment and
atmosphere environment.


Keywords: Remote sensing technology ; Water Environment atmosphere environment; Monitoring

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/rs.v2i1.237


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