Application of Remote Sensing Technology in Geological Surveying and Mapping

Wei Yang


Remote sensing technology is widely used in various industries in China, and plays its own role. In geological surveying and mapping, its remote sensing technology can optimize the process of geological surveying and mapping, change the traditional working methods, and make its geological surveying and mapping results more accurate. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the applications of remote sensing technology in geological mapping. In this paper, we need to understand the content of remote sensing technology first, and then explain the specific application of remote sensing technology in geological surveying and mapping, explain the development prospect of remote sensing technology, and provide reference for the corresponding researchers.


Geological Mapping; Remote Sensing Technology; Application

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Zhu M, Zhang P. Application of surveying and mapping remote sensing technology and geographic information system in geological exploration (in Chinese). World Nonferrous Metals 2020; 545(5): 50–51.

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/rs.v9i2.1370


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