A Research on Text Analysis of Telecommunication Network Fraud Information

  • Jiazhen Sheng Southwest Minzu University
  • Weiwei Wang Southwest Minzu University
  • Kuiyi Liu Southwest Minzu University
Keywords: Telecommunication Network, Text Analysis, Cyber Fraud


With the advancement of Internet technology, the telecommunication network text information has featured novelty and diversification. The ever-changing text information involving cyber fraud poses new challenges to maintaining social order and protecting users' legitimate rights and interests. This paper first interprets the necessity of an analysis on the telecommunication network text information involving cyber fraud. Then, it analyzes the characteristics of this kind of information from its definition, dissemination mode and audience. Finally, it illustrates the application of text analysis on telecommunication network text information involving cyber fraud and the problems to be further studied from the aspects of Chinese word segmentation, sensitive word frequency, dictionary construction, etc., and explains some precaution measures.


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