SDL Trados and Tmxmall: A Comparative Study of Computer-Aided Translation Tools

  • Ran Cheng Shanghai Maritime University
Keywords: Computer-Aided Translation, SDL Trados, Tmxmall


Technological development has brought about a series of changes, including influences on the traditional translation industry which is unable to meet the future needs due to its low efficiency and limited forms. Computer-aided translation software, shortened as CAT software, is therefore developed. Featuring powerful memory and fast computing speed of computers, CAT software allows translators to give full scope to creativity, which enhances traditional translation efficiency. In recent years, both CAT software and cloud translation software have been rapidly developed. The latter is built based on cloud computing technology, and is emerging one after another. This article, taking such CAT software as SDL Trados and such cloud translation platform as Tmxmall as examples, studies similarities and differences between the two different kinds of tools in terms of operation interface, translation project management and corpus management. By analyzing features of the two tools, this article seeks to provide references for translators and software engineers.


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