Application of Optical Network Transmission Technology in Telecommunication Network

  • Guande Luo Guangzhou Shentu Technology Co. Ltd.
Keywords: Optical Network Transmission Technology, Telecommunication Network, Application, Strategy


In the telecommunication network, the optical network transmission system is one of the most important components. The system mainly includes two elements, namely transmission media and node equipment. In the specific operation process, the effective use of the system can fundamentally provide practical and effective support for the telecommunication network, and it is safer and more effective applied in the telecommunication support network and various business networks. Moreover, it can carry out long-distance and large-capacity business transmission. Optical network transmission system and technology has a vital direct impact on the safe operation and innovative development of telecommunications networks, so it is very important and necessary to analyze and discuss the application of this technology in telecommunications networks. This article focuses on the analysis and discussion of the application of optical network transmission technology in telecommunication network and the specific implementation strategy, aiming to provide some reference for relevant practitioners.


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