The Introduction of the Special Issue

Time series analysis and its applications in finance are currently at an early stage. This Special Issue of Global Finance Review is devoted to the publication of high-quality papers in time series analysis. This themed issue welcomes all views on the application of time series analysis in finance with all types of papers (empirical, theoretical, and analytical) and case studies. Using time series models and analyses, millions of transactions can be searched to spot patterns and detect abnormalities and irregularities. The emergence of big data creates an opportunity to further investigate the application of time series models in finance, business, accounting, and auditing using financial performance information and non-financial sustainability information on environmental, social, and governance performance. The ever-increasing business and finance complexity, corporate governance reforms, risk management, and globalization, along with the growing demand for high-quality financial and non-financial information, necessitate the use of time series analyses to modernize the financial reporting and audit processes. Information and insight that once were not publicly available now extend far beyond traditional financial transactions and reports and expand into data from social media, e-mail, audio, video, and text files.


The Research Scope of the Special Issue

·Big data

·Financial panel data models

·Data analytics

·Financial time series analysis

·Financial time series models

·Financial time series forecasting

·Financial information

·Financial data analysis

·Financial Statistics


The Article Title of the Special Issue

1:The relevance and use of time series analyses for big data and finance analytics

2:How time series models can be efficiently and effectively applied in finance

3:Presentation of policy, practical, educational, and research implications of time series analyses

4: The use of time series analyses by finance in their predictive models of managerial strategies, decisions, and actions.

5:The use of time series models and data analytics in the age of Big Data by finance

6:The use of time series models to transform unstructured and semi-structured data into structured information in improving the quality of financial and non-financial information.

7:Application of time series analyses in advancing finance by presenting an example of the integrated big data and time series analyses into environmental, social and governance dimensions of finance sustainability.

8:The use of time series analyses in detecting patterns in unstructured data and generates testable research hypotheses in future finance, business, accounting, and auditing research.

9: The application of time series in evaluating the feasibility, cost efficiency, and effectiveness of new rules, regulations, as well as accounting and auditing standards

Submission guidelines

All papers should be submitted via the GLOBAL FINANCE REVIEW submission system: http://ojs.piscomed.com/index.php/gfr

Submitted articles should not be published or under review elsewhere. All submissions will be subject to the journal’s standard peer review process. Criteria for acceptance include originality, contribution, scientific merit and relevance to the field of interest of the Special Issue.


Important Dates

Paper Submission Due:Summer ,2019


The Lead Guest Editor

M. R. Mahmoudi

Mohammad Reza Mahmoudi is an Assistant Professor of Statistics at the Fasa University, Iran. He graduated in Statistics and received his B.Sc., M.Sc. and Ph.D. from Shiraz University, Iran. His research interests are focused on Time Series Analysis, Applied Statistics, Computational Statistics, Applied Probability, Data Analysis, Big Data, Data Mining and Data Science. He published several papers in international journals and conferences.