Issue Title
Vol 12, No 1 (2023) The Influencing Factors and Preventive Measures of Computer Network Security Technology Abstract   PDF
Zhiwei Li
Vol 12, No 1 (2023) Research on "Innovation and Entrepreneurship" Education for College Students under the Background of "Internet+" Abstract   PDF
Jiandong Cui
Vol 12, No 1 (2023) How to Effectively Protect Farmers' Rights and Legal Issues in the Development of New Countryside Abstract   PDF
Zhenggang Liu
Vol 12, No 1 (2023) Discussion on the Characteristics of the Color-Field Painting’s Manifestation Form Abstract   PDF
Weihua Ma
Vol 12, No 1 (2023) Discussion on the Path of Delegating the Right to Use the Living House Base from the Perspective of Rural Revitalization Abstract   PDF
Yibin Yang
Vol 1, No 1: (Published) A case study of pre-service training for special education teachers Abstract   PDF
Fu Wang
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) A case study on professional development of special education teachers with non-professional backgrounds Abstract
xiaoyun Chao
Vol 7, No 2 (Call for Papers) A Study on Cold and Hot Executive Function and Theory of Mind in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder Abstract   PDF
Wen Hu
Vol 7, No 2 (Call for Papers) Abnormal Use of Personal Pronouns in Sign Language of Autistic Deaf Children Abstract   PDF
Yangyang Li
Vol 7, No 2 (Call for Papers) Abnormal Use of Personal Pronouns in Sign Language of Autistic Deaf Children Abstract   PDF
Yangyang Li
Vol 7, No 1 (In Publishing) Action Research on Individualized Education Model for Visually Im-paired Students Abstract   PDF
Qi Wang
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Admin Chapter • class Management ^ ^ Education for Mentally retarded children Abstract   PDF
Mei Wang
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Application of Individualized Education plan in resource classroom Abstract   PDF
Feng Jia
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Application of individualized teaching in special education Abstract   PDF
Jinghua Lin
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) Application of multimedia in Chinese teaching of special education schools Abstract   PDF
jian Color Ran
Vol 1, No 1: (Published) Comments on the development of adaptive Physical Education in Europe and America and its Enlightenment Abstract   PDF
Xin li
Vol 5, No 1: (Published) Comparative analysis on the typical Cases of the Social Supports for the school-age hearing-impaired ' s Abstract   PDF
Yongping Liu, Arui jiang, ziwei tang, qiuxia liu, feng chen
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) Design of individualized distance education for special children Abstract   PDF
Quan Zheng
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) Discussion on the construction of higher education mode for disabled people in information age Abstract   PDF
Jinxio Hu
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Eye Movement Characteristics of Children with Developmental Dys-lexia during Reading Abstract   PDF
Yulian Jiang
Vol 1, No 1: (Published) from Open School to shared Education : New development Strategy for special education schools Abstract   PDF
shan Zhong
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Fujian-Taiwan Handicapped College students from the perspective of equal rights Comparative study on the system of Physical Education guarantee Abstract   PDF
Shoujiang Li
Vol 7, No 2 (Call for Papers) Guilt Characteristics of Deaf Middle School Students and Its Rela-tionship with Prosocial Tendency Abstract   PDF
Xuyan Zhou
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) How to carry out Chinese teaching in the primary School of special education Abstract   PDF
xi Shing
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) Investigation and analysis of problem behaviors of autistic children - An example of a special education school in Anhui province Abstract   PDF
Mengxia Gao
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) Investigation of digital reading in middle school students with hearing impairment Abstract   PDF
Jinping Hu, Yongqiang Ma
Vol 1, No 1: (Published) Kindergarten Integration Education on social support for special children Abstract   PDF
Huihui Wu
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) National Institute of Autism Center National Standards Program Report Enlightenment of special education in China Abstract   PDF
Xiaowei Ma
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) New progress in written language for children with hearing impairment (1996-2015) Abstract   PDF
Jiao Pan
Vol 5, No 1: (Published) On core accomplishment and special education course construction Abstract   PDF
Ting Xu
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) On individualized teaching of literacy for students with mental retardation Abstract   PDF
Guijuan Sun
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) On the teaching of music in special education schools Abstract   PDF
feng Zhou
Vol 1, No 1: (Published) Pathological Research Progress of Obsessive-compulsive Disorder in Children and Adolescents Abstract   PDF
Fengting Zhao
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) Practical exploration on improving moral education efficiency of handicapped students Abstract   PDF
Minghua Xu
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Present situation and suggestion of community education in special children Abstract   PDF
Chunyan Liu
Vol 7, No 2 (Call for Papers) Progress of EEG Biofeedback Therapy for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children Abstract   PDF
Yahui Wang
Vol 2, No 1: (Published) ractical exploration of vocational rehabilitation for students with mental retardation under the concept of comprehensive rehabilitation Abstract   PDF
nan Shang
Vol 7, No 1 (In Publishing) Related Influencing Factors of Deaf People’s Facial Emotion Recognition Abstract   PDF
Hemei Wang
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) Research on human resources management of private special education institutions Abstract   PDF
Jian Song
Vol 5, No 1: (Published) Research on the evaluation of special students ' physical Education learning under the new curriculum standard Abstract   PDF
Guihua Zhu
Vol 7, No 1 (In Publishing) Research Progress on Cognitive Deficiencies of Specific Reading Com-prehension Disorders Abstract   PDF
Xiaozhen Cheng
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) Review of Researches on Autistic Children's Emotion Recognition Ability Abstract   PDF
Lin Zou
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) Some thoughts on the integration education of preschool special children Abstract   PDF
Ying Wang
Vol 6, No 2: (Published) Status of special education in Czech universities , features and Revelations Abstract   PDF
Xiangwei Li
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) Study on the effectiveness of special education teachers ' induction in the field of professional development Abstract   PDF
Chhien Sqiang Chhien
Vol 5, No 1: (Published) Study on the rationalization of practical teaching course for the blind students of acupuncture and Tuina Abstract   PDF
Shino Shi, Ai Min
Vol 4, No 1: (Published) The construction of Learning Platform in Advanced Special Abstract   PDF
Chun-hui ZHAO
Vol 6, No 1: (Published) The cultivation of American special education teachers ' service ability and its revelation# Abstract   PDF
Ani Zhang
Vol 3, No 1: (Published) The development and revelation of New Zealand's integrated education Abstract   PDF
Shan li1, Li lu2, Deng Limei2, Seahawks 3
Vol 7, No 1 (In Publishing) The Influence of Social Anxiety on Mobile Phone Addiction: The Buff-er Effect of Belief in a Fair World Abstract   PDF
Chuyang Lv
Vol 7, No 2 (Call for Papers) The Relationship between College Students’ Shyness and Depression: Multiple Mediating Model Test Abstract   PDF
Qiaoling Feng
Vol 7, No 1 (In Publishing) The Relationship between Speech Recognition Ability and Short-term Memory in Children with Down Syndrome Abstract   PDF
Yinyin Guo
Vol 5, No 1: (Published) Thoughts on the ideological and political team of college counselors in higher education Abstract   PDF
Rongguang Wang
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