The Relationship between College Students’ Shyness and Depression: Multiple Mediating Model Test

  • Qiaoling Feng


876 college students were investigated with the college students shyness scale, negative automatic thinking scale, emotion regulation scale and self-rating depression scale to explore the multiple mediating effects of negative automatic thinking and emotion regulation (cognitive reappraisal and expression inhibition) on the relationship between shyness and depression. Results: (1) Shyness, negative automatic thinking, suppression of expression and depression are significantly and positively correlated.

Cognitive reappraisal is significantly negatively correlated with depression and negative automatic thinking, and significantly positively correlated with expression inhibition. (2) Shyness can not only affect depression through the mediation of negative automatic thinking and expression inhibition respectively, but also can affect depression through the chain mediation of negative automatic thinking and cognitive reappraisal.