The construction of Learning Platform in Advanced Special

Chun-hui ZHAO


Purpose / significance The Special educational informationization Platform is a new Learning channel for disabled students in advanced Special education, who can Develop their Potential , make up for their defects and improve their ability through this platform. method/process"" Based On the application of ofinformation Technology , this paper combines actual situation to establish a new [ model for the about the Problem and Improve , platform construction Through theFeed Back Control, of to Module . "result/ Conclusion" result shows That the higher Special educational informationization platform is the most Convenient way For disabled Students to Study efficiently,its design concept and function Would directly Pro -mote - This Continued development of the Special educationinformationization, implementation of , platform would Benefit Thousands of, Disabled students .


Advanced Special education ; Information technology; Network platform

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.18282/cser.v4i1.413


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