National Institute of Autism Center National Standards Program Report Enlightenment of special education in China

  • Xiaowei Ma
Keywords: National Standard Plan, National standards Report, Apocalypse


National Standards Program launched by the United States Autism Center The ( hereinafter referred to as National Standards Program) aims to assess the core characteristics of autism spectrum disorders The effectiveness of education and behavior in the . The national standard plan is characterized by the leadership of the unified organization , based on evidence-based practice , Specification of the research process , to the home emphasis on education . The results of the National Standards program are " National standards Report " , The results of the first edition of are divided into four categories , The results of the second edition of are divided into three categories . national Standard meter the revelation of our country is concerned about the pertinence and effectiveness of the thousand-pre method , attach Parental guidance , Strengthen cooperation and exchange, promote resources A total of, attach importance to evidence-based practice Apply , focus on the lives of adult special groups .


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