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Mei Wang


in real life , A small part of ordinary school children learn to keep up with . Part of the reason does not follow is that you do not want to learn , Learning difficulties , intellectual difference . Parents of children with disabilities it 's embarrassing to send a child to a special education school. , branded with a disability for life ,Even worse , Many parents of moderate retarded children , to allow a child to enter an ordinary primary school , also begged the doctor to change the results of the child's check . So no matter what they learn in general school. , all the while dragging . Some drag to five , six grade , and all Drag to Junior year , can't keep up. , go to a special education school with a lot of persuasion and insistence from a general school teacher . How do I teach this part of the child , How to set them up self-confidence ? to see this part of the student first . , then take a series of proven methods . Let parents of these children recognize that special education schools carry out courses to foster a child 's ability to live with the child , is More practical for mentally handicapped children . Send retarded children to a corresponding special school study , is the smartest thing for parents .


Children with disabilities ; Special Education School ; self-confident ; Education Methods

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