Design of individualized distance education for special children

  • Quan Zheng


Abstract: Special Child individualized distance education is to crack the special children's residence dispersed , Teacher Tour service is inconvenient , Curriculum and teaching suitability is not strong , One means of assessing the plight of special education that is less accurate "" Based on respecting individual differences and special needs of special children , Follow special The connotation of the development of individualized education in children and its related theories , the practical problems and difficulties of individualized education for special children in China borders , This study designed a special children's individualized distance education support system . system from ecological assessment to curriculum development , from teaching implementation to fully review , Provides a one-stop full education Support service for special children's individualized distance education . This study takes a special child as a case study on system features and Applications by , Research shows individualized distance education for special children individualized Education methods for improving special children , promoting personalized development for special children , To enhance the pertinence and effectiveness of special education has a certain role in promoting micro- "" " Special children ; remote Education " ;Individual Education ;" one person one course "" system support Platform ; Visual assessment ;3D Recovery training