Wave-absorbing Structural Ceramic Matrix Composites

laifei Cheng


with the rapid development of radar detection technology, materials with wave-absorbing and load-bearing perform Ance are needed in order to satisfy the stealth requirements of aerospace vehicle key thermal. It is thus necessary to develop the high-temperature wave-absorbing structural. In this paper, the Wave-absorbing matching principles (impedance matching and attenuation principles) and mechanical match ing principles (elastic modulus matching,interfacial debonding and Thermal expansion coefficient matching principles) of the wave-absorbing structural composites were introduced. Recent development of the High-temperature wave-absorbing structural ceramic matrix composites was reviewed. In addition, the development trend of designing absorbing structural materials with excellent properties according to the Wave-absorbing and mechanical matching principles was also prospected.


wave-absorbing, mechanical properties; ceramic, composites; high temperature

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