Synthesis and properties of phenolic modified enzymatic hydrolysis Lignin-epoxy Resin/epoxy resin Composites

fang Wang


With the enzymatic hydrolysis lignin (EHL) as the raw materials , And the phenol-sulfuric acid method

Was used to modify EHL. Under alkaline conditions,lignin-epoxy resin (L-EP) was Synthesized by phenolated lignin (PL) reacted with Epichlorohydrin (ECH). The structure of EHL and its modification and the synthetic resin were by FT-ir. The effects of factor reaction conditions on the process of phenolation were dis cussed.­The results indicate that the effect of modification s the best under the condition of 3. 0 h, 95 C and 4 ml/g h2so4 (2 MOL/L), and thecontent of phenolic hydroxyl group reaches 4 632 , which increases by 42% compared with EHL. The effects of different L-EP adding amount on the mechanical properties and thermal properties of L-</b3 1>ep/epoxy E-51 Composites were investigated. The results show this tensile strength of L-ep/epoxy E-51 Composites is the best when amount of L-EP I s 5 %,which increases by % The compared with the pure E-51 epoxy resin. withthe Increase Intheamountofl-ep,thermal stability of L- ep/e-51 composites s enhanced. The Non-sothermal method is used to analyze the curing kinetics of epoxy E-51 and L-ep/e-51 compos</b32 >ites. The results reveal that L-EP has a certain effect on the curing of L-ep/epoxy resin Composites.</b20 >


enzymatichydrolysislignin ; Epoxy Resin ; Composites ; mechanicalproperties ; thermalproperties

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