Research progress on health monitoring technology of composite mate-rial connection structure

  • yi First Wang
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Keywords: Composite Connection Structure, Structural Health monitoring ( SHM ), nondestructive Testing, Ultrasonic Guided waves, Machine Resistance, Fiber Sensing diagram category number,


A link structure is a key component of a large composite structure , Plays an important role in ensuring the integrity of composite structures . due to composite material material connection structure Complex nonlinear coupling factor , makes it difficult to analyze the strength and failure modes of the composite connection structure , so , must be Monitoring of the health status of composite joint structures , diagnostics , Evaluation and prediction , gain real-time knowledge of the health of the structure through online monitoring and response to external load , On this basis, the future defects and failures can be predicted , to be able to take action within the appropriate time period , to ensure the safety of composite structure service and achieve maximum economic benefits . with aircraft composite connection structure background , First briefly analyzes the composite material glue connect , damage and failure modes for mechanical and mixed connections ,then focus on wave propagation method , Impedance method , Smart coating supervisor measuring method , Vacuum comparison monitor , Health monitoring of composite material connection structure using optical fiber sensing monitoring and hybrid Integrated Monitoring method (S HM) Technology Research Progress ,Finally, the development trends and challenges of the health monitoring technology for aircraft composite connection structures are discussed . .


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