Reparation and properties of ceramifiable ethylene propylene diene monomer

liangdian Liu


The ceramifiable ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) composites with different fiber contents

were prepared by taking EPDM as the matrix , Kaolin and talc as the functional fillers , Aluminum Hydroxide as the

Flame Retardant , The and the chopped polyimide (PI) fiber as the reinforcement. The effects of chopped polyimide fiberson thetensile properties,Thermal Stability and microstructure of ceramifiable PI Fiberkaolin-talc-akoh)3/ EPDM (PKTA/EPDM) composites were investigated, and theceramicization Mechanism of chopped polyimide fiber reinforced composites was analyzed. The results show, the tensile strength of the composites decreases with the increasing of chopped Imide fibers. When the chopped PI fibers are less than : [mass ratio to

EPDM ),Mechanical properties of the composites are. The ceramifiable PKTA/EPDM composites can be ceramicized after pyrolysis at 800-1 100C. The addition of 4 : ,-8 : mass ratio to EPDM chopped poly- imide fibers can effectively keep the shape stability of the Composites after pyrolysis at the-1 0 C , and thebending strength of the ceramic productf I between 6-18 MPa. The results of thermal analysis show that the thermal

LIU L d,qin y,song J q,et Al Preparation and properties of ceramifiable ethylene propylene diene monomer rubber Composites reinforced with the chopped polyimide iibers[j]. Acta materiae Compositae sinica,2017, : 2800-2809 (in Chinese).

and SEM Analysis I ndicate that the pyrolysis and carbonization of the chopped PI fibers in the char layer form the

Structure of fiber^reinforced char layer. The PI fiber reinforced structure contributes to obtaining the well-shaped EPDM Composites.


Ethylene Propylene diene monomer (EPDM) ; chopped polyimide fiber ; Composites thermal stability ;

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