Progress on Preparation and supercapacitance

  • zhao-xia Hou
Keywords: three- dimensional structure, graphene, polyaniline, composite, capacitance performanceprogress


In Recent years, and graphene / polyaniline composites with excellent electrochemical performance have aroused Extensive concern of domestic andforeign scholars . Graphene is of Large specific surface Area and double layer capacitance characteristics , polyaniline are with High faradaic Pseudocapacitance, Synergy to both makes this supercapacitance Performance to the Composites increase greatly . The preparation methods of the graphene/polyaniline compositesand The Influence Factors to the capacitance Performance were introduced , The constructing methods of Three-dimentional structure of graphene/polyanilineComposites were Summarized, The future trends of the composites In supercapacitor fields were prospected as Down .


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