Preparation Methods and developing Trends of Nan 0 -al203 reinforced

hao Pan


The Nano particles have enhancing efficiency in improving the properties of aluminum matrix composites. Nano-al2O3/a1 Composites have high elastic Modulus,high strength with low density,and have attracted in

tensive attention and become a focus of the. The preparation of the nano-a^l^2 0 3-reinforced aluminum matrix composites is Presented in Detail,and the advantages and disadvantages of each preparation method are. Finally,the

Development of Nano-al 2 0 3 /al Composites is also prospected.


nano-al 0 3 , Preparation Methods , nano-al 0 3 /al Composites

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1828/cmr.v5i1.195


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