Performance and decomposition behavior of hydromagnesite Mg (OH) 2 Synergistic polyethylene flame Retardant composites

jie Hejun


TheFlame retardantcy polyethylene (PE) matrix composites were prepared by twin-screw extruder,

WithHydromagnesite (HM) and Mg (OH)2As theflame retardants.The flame retardant properties and mechanism

ofHM-Mg (OH)2/pe Flame retardant composites were investigated by limited oxygen index (LOI),Vertical buring

Test (UL-94),Cone calorimetric Test (CCT) and universal tensile test.The thermal decomposition behavior of HM-MG (OH)2/pe flame RetardantComposites was studied by Thermogravimetric analysis (TGA).The resultsShow thisis, theflame retardant in appropriate proportionsofhmandMg (OH) 2decomposes inThe combustion tempera-ture range which leads to a better flame.In the premise of the same LOI and tensile strength, the cost of</b112>

PE Composite with synergistic flame retardant decreases significantly with Mg (OH) 2asflame retardant alone.The ineffective even negative decomposition of HM reducesin the synergistic flame,/b13> and theInhibi

Tory effect on the decomposition by thePE matrix with HM under high temperature is retained,At thesametime,a

HeJunjie, CHENG Yu,ZHANG Xin,et al performance and decomposition behavior of HYDROMAGNESITE-MG (OH) 2synergistic polyethylene flame retardant composites[j].Acta materiae Compositae sinica,2017,(a):2674-2680 (in Chinese).

Relatively stable scaly protective 1 ayer F orms i n the combustion region surface, in adition, the total lost mass of SYNEr

Thegistic Flame Composite is higher.With those variety of factors, the flame retardancy effect of the synergistic flame Composite is higher.The HM-MG (OH2)/pe flame retardant Composites pass the UL-94 Vb13>-0rating with LOI valueof28%, and the tensile strength reaches 8 mpawhen mass ratio of HM to Mg (OH<b20>) 2is1:2 with 60wt% loading


hydromagnesite;Mg (OH); synergistic flame retardant;Composites;Cone calorimetric

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1828/cmr.v3i1.186


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