Non-continuous particle-reinforced titanium matrix composites

yuafei Han


particle reinforced chin matrix composites is an important lightweight structure - Functional Integration Material . in aerospace , space technology , Weapon equipment , can source and environmental situation increasingly grim today , This lightweight , High-strength , heat-resistant particulate reinforced Chin matrix composites are aerospace technology , Energy Development and transportation Irreplaceable key materials in several key areas, such as . from composite material preparation technology , Matrix and enhanced body selection , Enhanced body distribution design , configuration Design , hot deformation , superplastic processing , Heat Treatment ,Micro-organization , mechanical properties and engineering applications A review of the development of particle reinforced chin matrix composites , presents problems in research and potential future research directions , For the further promotion and solution of major engineering composite material components processing , Precision to Manufacturing key technologies and equipment guidance , to Promote further development of non-continuous particle reinforced chin matrix composites


Chin Matrix composites ; In-place native ; Chin Alloy ; Enhanced Body

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