Load PVDF nylon Non-woven fabric intercalation carbon fiber / Epoxy resin composite

Delong He


with load quantitative polyvinylidene fluoride ( PVDF ) nylon non-woven fabric for intercalation materials , carbon fiber reinforced ring prepared by co-curing process gas resin base composites , The mechanical and damping properties of the system are systematically studied . tests the flexural strength of composites , bending modulus , layer Shear Strength , I type and n type fracture toughness and other mechanical properties , and tests the energy storage modulus of the composite through a dynamic mechanical analyzer , loss modulus and loss factor temperature spectra , the damping and vibration resistance of a single cantilever beam is studied by free vibration experiment. . at the same time , analysis using optical microscopy and scanning electron microscopy composite microstructure , and then study damping mechanism . The results indicate that , Insert load between composite layers PVDF the nylon non-woven fabric of can be in no causes significantly reduced mechanical performance , The damping properties and fracture toughness of the composites are improved significantly . The Basic damping mechanism of is that it has been cured in a total of The thermoplastic intercalation material in the process forms a resin-rich area with a high loss factor between the layers of the composites , increase the loss factor 150%, and Force basic performance remains unchanged.


Structural damping composites , dissipation factor , PVDF , nylon nonwoven , off-position toughening

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