lignin / structure and performance of polylactic acid composites

zhipeng Zhou


lignin is produced by melting blending and injection molding / Polylactic acid composites , and through the differential scanning calorimetry analysis ,Mechanical Performance Test , Vicat Softening Point temperature measurement , scanning electron microscope , The effects of lignin content on the structure and properties of composites are studied by means of water absorption tests . The result shows that , lignin / polylactic acid The crystallinity of the composites decreases first and then increases with lignin content . as the lignin content increases , composite tensile strength decreases , Impact Strength render first increase and then decrease the trend , modulus of elasticity increasing . when lignin content is 5%~10% when , Composite has relatively good overall mechanical properties . Add a small amount of lignin to help improve the wood quality / The fiber-softening temperature of polylactic acid composites . as lignin increases , Initial contact angle of composites increase , that's hydrophilic drop . But after immersion, the water absorption of the composite increases with the lignin content. ,-- absorbent can improve .


Polylactic acid ; lignin ; Composite ; crystallinity ; Mechanical Properties ; hydrophilic

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