Graphene/Research progress of polyurethane composites

Ying chang


Graphene is a new two-dimensional nano-layer carbon material,has extremely high mechanical strength,E-Migration,thermal conductivity and unique chemistrystructure,The functional modification of polyurethane as a filler can effectively improve the mechanical properties of the matrix.,,conducting a conductive,Electromagnetic Shielding performance,therefore becomes nearA major hotspot in composite materials research over the years.inThis paper, the modification of graphene and its research progress in polyurethane materials are reviewed,to compoundMaterial Preparation methods,Performance Research classification,on composite materials common stretch,compressionthe,Thermal Model establishment method is summarized,Outlook on the stonegraphene/Challenges and opportunities for the industrialization of polyurethane composites.


Graphene;Polyurethane;Preparation Method;Performance Research;Themodel establishes

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.1828/cmr.v6i1.176


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