Fabrication and properties of Polypylene matrix composites rein-forced by

Yaowen chao


Toimprove the mechanical and thermal properties of polypropylene (PP) matrix composites,ultrafine

Bamboo-char (UFBC) was introduced intoppby twin-screw extrusion and injection.Effects of different mass fractions of UFBC on the properties of the resulting ufbc/pp composites were mvestigated.A combination of SEM,dsc,mechanical test and moisture absorption test wasPerformed to provide a comprehensive analysis of the structure and properties of UFBC/PP composites.Uniform dispersion of UFBC in the PP matrix and do Mterac-tion via physical interfacial interlocks were obseRVed with SEM.The addition of UFBC has remarkable impacton

Themechanical properties of the composites.Tensile strength and bending strength increase with the mcrease of UFBC contents, and reach maximum values of MPa and 54 mpa,respectivelywhen30%mass fraction of ufbcaddition s Used,whichIncrease by 9%and18%Comparing with those of PP.The moisture resistance of ufbc/pp compos ites is still excellent,and the moisture absorption s less than 0.­1%.DSC analysis illustrates that melting tempera

ture increases by 3 c when mass fraction of UFBCis40%,And thecrystallization temperature increases by 80C when the mass fraction of UFBC s 50%.The crystallization and fabricability of composites are improvedwith the addition of UFBC.


ultrafine Bamboo-char;Polypropylene;Mechanical Properties;Moisture Resistance;Thermal Properties

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1828/cmr.v6i2.175


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