Experimental and analytic analysis of the structure parameters On process-induced distortions of v-shaped composite part

qian Wang


In order tostudy the influence of structure parameters on process-induced distortions of v-shaped composite pArts,A series of experiments were performed to analysis the effect of structure parameters including part thickness,partradius,partangleand lay-up.Based on the shear lag theory and bending theory,ananalytical model

Considering the effect of structure parameters was developed to predict the spring-m of v-shaped compositeNfluence mechanism of different structure parameters on spring-m and the Modll was analyzed.The results

Show thatspring-in decreases with the increase of thethickness and maximum variation of spring-ins a bout­30%whenthickness s between 1 mm and 3 mm.There s A proportion relationship whose value s about 0.014 between spring-n angles and part angle.The d ifferences of spring-n angles which result from different radius are

Less than 5%.The test pieces with Quasi-sotropic lay-up exhibit the biggest spring-in.The spring-in angles

of0 la}^up pieces decrease by.5%and90 pieces almost have no­spring-n. Analysis results show that influ ence of THickness on spring-in should consider it effect on bending si i ffness and shear deformation;>mechanical

Properties and Poisson ' s effect d ifferences caused by lay-up are the main reasons for spring-in DivErsity;theMaxi Mum distortions of flange s 0­. 20 which hasgreatly influences on spring-in.The comparison between emulation re

Sults and experiment verifies the accuracy of analytical model.


Composite;spring-n;structure Parameters;shearlag analytic model

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.1828/cmr.v2i1.173


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