Development status and challenge of advanced resin matrix composites

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Advanced resin matrix composites have become one of the most important aerospace structural materials.The mainly introduces the advanced resin base composite material at home and abroadmaterial Enhanced fiberresin matrix,Development of manufacturing technology and structural functional integration Technology,and evaluation of advanced resin matrix composites,and pleaseDiscusses thedevelopment trends and opportunities and challenges facing advanced resin matrix composites.advanced resin matrix composites development Current opportunities and picksWar has:resin matrix composites continue to develop in High-performance;structural function integration of resin matrix composites presents versatility and cutting-edge trends;Isbased on multipleComposite design techniques for scale modeling and characterization usher in an extremely important development opportunity;versatility becomes an important target for future development of carbon nanocompositesMark;environment-friendly birth of green composites,thermoplastic Composites and efficient recycling technology;Smart Composite Technology supportslarger,more integratedThe reliable application of the overall structure of composites;Internetage composites will face profound changes in research methods.


Advanced resin matrix composites;Trends;Enhanced Fiber;resin Matrix;Manufacturing Technology

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