Development of Geopolymer and geopolymer-based composites

  • dechang Jia
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Keywords: geopolymer geopolymerization mechanism composites, 3d printing, nuclear waste immobilization


Geopolymers and related composites have some advantages like low-temperature preparation, simple processing proc ESS like resin-based composite and forming complex shape components, low cost, light, heat resistant, flame retardant, cor Rosion resistant, sound solid sealing for nuclear waste and heavy metal for energy ions and COSaving >2 emission reduction. They can be thus used in conventional construction, metallurgy and related fields. Geopolymer can be modified by doping to obtain the functional properties such as conductivity, electromagnetic shielding, Stealth and others. Meanwhile, after high-temperature treatment, Geopolymer and its composites can be converted into leucite and leucite-based Composites with controlled mechanical and thermal properties, showing potential as a applications Low-cost Structural material for aerospace, heat-resistant components and stealth materials. This review summarized recent development of Geopolymer and its composites, and the aspects dealt with geopolymerization m Echanism and microstructure evolution of Geopolymer, structural design, preparation technology and performance Eristics of Geopolymer Composites, and application in 3D printing and nuclear waste. In addition, the future development of Geopolymer field was also given.