On the Relationship Between Internet and Traditional Communication Industry

Junlong Fang, Jintao Wu, Wei Tian


China's history and culture are long. It is the famous state of etiquette. People through a certain form of rituals and a certain way of cultural activities to carry out their thoughts and feelings. In real life, everyone often uses a series of applications such as traditional letters, business cards, stickers, announcements, essay inscriptions, couplets, modern such as telegraph, fax, express mail, e-mail and so on. These applications include rich ritual content, with a strong cultural color of the Chinese nation. From the earliest Pigeon biography to today's videophone, the traditional communications industry has a complex development process. At different times have different roles, and also has a lot of convenience and inconvenience. Because of this inconvenience, Internet in real life is more widely used, so to a certain extent make up for this shortcoming, this article will focus on the Internet and traditional communications industry in order to explore the relationship between both and the future development trend.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/jnt.v1i1.647


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