The method of false vortices in designation problems of targets, road signs, facial features and real vortices in space images

Evgeni Nikolaevich Terentiev1, I. García-Magariño2, N. E. Shilin-Terentyev3, I. N. Prikhodko1, I. I. Farshakova1


An image in one color is a scalar field. The image is associated with its vector gradient field. The analysis of vector fields with the help of single-length vector templates made it possible to indicate in the image such objects as vortices, Road Signs (RS), Facial Features (FF), and so on. The proposed method of indicating local objects using gradient fields turned out to be highly accurate and noise-proof. The presented advantages of the proposed method recommend it as a promising tool in targets designation problems.


Image Analysis; Localization of Object in the Image; Computer vision; Designation Problems of Targets; Road Signs; Facial Features; False Vortices

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