Computer Network Attack and Defense Technology

Xinyue Yang, Shujun Zhou, Guanghui Ren, Yaling Liu


In recent years, the Internet as a symbol of the computer network protocols, standards and application technology development is extremely rapid. But the Internet is like a sharp double-edged sword, it is for the convenience of people at the same time, but also for computer viruses and computer crime to provide the soil, for systems, network protocols and databases, whether it is its own design flaws, or due to human factors caused by a variety of security vulnerabilities, may be some of the other attempts to use hackers and attack, so the establishment of an effective network security system is even more urgent. To ensure network security, reliable, you must be familiar with the general process of hacker network attacks. The only way to do before the hacker attack the necessary precautions is to ensure that the network is safe and reliable operation. This article comprehensively analyzes the steps, methods and common attack tools of network attack, and tells the concrete precautionary measures from several aspects, so that readers have a comprehensive network of knowledge, in the treatment of network threats are well prepared.

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