Analysis on Network Security and Its Countermeasures

Qinghua Jiang, Lilin Lin, Yanhong He


With the rapid development of computer technology and the popularization of the network, human civilization is undergoing profound changes. The network has become an important resource for the political, economic, military and cultural aspects of the country and has become a symbol of national soft power. With the extensive use of computer networks and the increase in data transmission between networks, network security issues are becoming more prominent. Network security is related to national security, social stability, economic development and cultural construction and other fields, has become a hot topic of global concern. If a country cannot guarantee the security of network information in terms of collection, storage, transmission and authentication, it is impossible to obtain the efficiency and efficiency of information technology. The social and economic life is difficult to be carried out in a healthy and orderly manner. When the status of China's network information security is not optimistic. People should correctly deal with the negative impact caused by the process of information technology, take positive measures to protect the security of China's network information.

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