Analysis of Network Security in Daily Life

Jinliang Shen, Shiming Gong, Wencong Bao


From the beginning of the new century to the rapid development of global information technology today, with the popularity of the Internet and the rapid construction of information technology, more and more people involved in the use of the Internet. Especially in the past two years, online surfing, e-commerce, online chat, e-government, Internet banking, online shopping transactions, online games, this series of network activities, has become a hot application of today's society. With the increasing reliance on the network and information technology in all aspects of society, the network has become an indispensable part of work and life for most people. The rapid development of the network brings closer the distance between real life and virtual world, changed the way people work, study and live. It can be sure that now the human life becomes more relaxed because of network. However, the network has brought us great convenience, but also brought some difficulties. Due to the design defects of the Internet itself and its complexity, openness and expanding of the software scale, the application is more and more complex, making the hidden danger of the network increased dramatically. Therefore, the security of the network has become one of the important factors hindering the process of information technology. Today, for many users, they know that they are facing a certain network threat. But from where, what will happen, are not very clear for many people. Generally speaking, ordinary network users mainly face Internet security issues. Computer viruses, cyber scams, data loss, botnets, phishing, privacy leaks, are a few example of network security threats. The recent impact of large events, such as: Panda burning incense virus, Trojan industry chain exposure, once macro virus, Trojan horse site-linked malware, makes the network security issues become the focus of attention, even to worldwide audience.

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