A simple realization of the computer virus

Qinghong Liang, Shangying Cao, Zhengan Qi


A computer virus is a computer program or instruction set that can interfere with the normal operation of the computer and cause the computer hardware and software to malfunction and destroy the computer data. With the computer in various fields of social life widely used, computer virus attack and prevention technology is also constantly expanding, to prevent computer viruses are also more and more attention. This paper starts from the basic theory of script virus and the key technology of scripting virus, and realizes a simple script virus, and deeply analyzes the mechanism and principle of script virus. This paper summarizes the development history and development trend of computer virus, briefly introduces the basic knowledge of VBScript, Windows Script Host (WSH) and registry required to realize script virus. This paper focuses on the working principle of the script virus and the main techniques used in each module. Taking the source code of the script virus as an example, it analyzes the function of design idea, infection module, damage module and tag module, and implements the script virus Recursive algorithm for searching disk mechanisms and infection mechanisms.

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18282/ics.v1i1.586


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