Analysis on the Development of International Freight Forwarding Company - Taking Changbao International Freight Forwarding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd as an Example

Gonghui Huang, Xiaole Xu, Haifeng Song, Hui Lim


Changbao International Freight Forwarding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is set up by a Indian businessmen and approved by the Ministry of Foreign Trade and Economic Cooperation for it establishment of the main import and export cargo transport agent of the freight forwarders, the company in March 2012 stationed in China's freight forwarding market. In recent years, due to the development of China's bonded policy very fast, the state vigorously support the development of bonded industry, committed to the establishment of China's first comprehensive international shipping center which provide a very good opportunity to the majority of logistics enterprises for development undoubtedly. Under such circumstances, it is necessary and valuable for the company to develop the next business development plan and strategy. Changbao International Freight Forwarding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is currently facing the main problem is what kind of business development strategy, can help the company in Shanghai freight forwarders on the market a firm footing in order to faster and more effective to seize the market to promote the company's development of. According to the advantages of the company's foreign head office background, get away the diversification of services and differentiation of the road. According to the problems existing in the development of the company, it has formulated the marketing strategy, perfected the internal organizational structure strategy, and promoted the service quality strategy and the human resource strategy. Through the Changbao International Freight Forwarding (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. international freight forwarders stationed in Shanghai international freight forwarding business development and research, in the research process of the proposed strategies and recommendations for other types of freight forwarders in the future development of certain Learn from.

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