Design of Monitoring PTZ with High Scalability

Chengyun Wang, Feng Tian, Shanjie Zhao, Guansiwei Shang, Yuteng Ma, Dawei Chen


Provided a design scheme of a lifting PTZ with high-scalability for detecting search and rescue robots based on the analysis and reference o f various lifting mechanisms at home and abroad. It proposed a rigid-flexible dual-property automatic lifting mechanism transmission scheme which adopt s a roll-up spring as a supporting mechanism, a gear and a sprocket as a transmission mechanism, and a telescopic rod as an auxiliary supporting mechanism, which provides a new solution for the disadvantages of the traditional lifting mechanisms with large original volume and poor telescopic performance. Through the actual test, the mechanism can raise to the target stroke of 2 meters in 60s smoothly and widen the field of view of the image capturing device effectively based on the detection and rescue robot, which improves the ability of passing the narrow space and rescuing obviously.


Robot; High Scalability; Automatic Lifting; Flexible Component; Roll-Up Spring; PTZ

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